The Darkest Heresies

Three days till Exterminatus...
1st session

The enlisting vox message was broadcast on every channel over the entire subsector surrounding Anubis Prime for 21.33 minutes. It was a recruitment drive for the loyal, an adventure for the brave, and a bribe to the Greedy…

The message reached every tiniest bit of traffic for the 5 nearest habitable solar systems, only those within warp-travel range of 3 days, after that, it would all be too late anyway. Anubis Prime allready had more than it´s fair share of traffic, heavily barricaded by dozens of IG warships, even a retinue of the Sisters of battle awaited in nearby orbit, all guns primed and ready to unleash Armageddon on any who would oppose. Even amongst these there was one more feared then any, one ship in particular that all others stayed well clear of. The Ordos Inquisition Flagship, a Rumbling Titan-ship made 10.000 years ago by the Guild of the Adeptus Mechanicus, The Bloody Mary. The red painted monolithic warship was the single most feared and revered “weapon” in the entire Calixis sector perhaps, an Exterminatus. Calling it a weapon would be much akin to calling death an opponent, an understatement in the least, false hope at the worst.

But through some string pulling an old veteran of the Deathwatch, Brother-Captain Davios Mihawk managed to stave the Ordos off for 3 days. 3 days to find the source of the corruption, to rout out a prophecy which was to doom a portion of the Calixis setor through means unknown. So he asked for the best and offered rewards the likes of which many a man would never see through any other means. Many came, few stayed once they set eyes on the “Bloody Mary” most simply turned tail and thought better of their odds.

The ones that stayed: The loyal, the borderline insane, the desperate, and the incessantly greedy. A mixed cadre drawn not from the empires finest, but rather from the commons of the imperium, only the extreme elements would stand a chance.

at the dawn of the 3 day, A bombardment licensed by Brother-Captain Mihawk himself destroyed an insignificant blot in the middle of the desert. The imperial sanctioned psykers in the area immediately felt some great psychic backlash which left many numbed for days. But sure enough, the most trained could tell the threat was averted, the prophecy whether thwarted or not was now of no consequence.

Later the same day Davios Mihawk drew deeply from his personal coffers for 4 unknown personnel, apparently they were some of that mixed cadre that had survived, all others had died/disappeared. It was sketchy for several days but in the coming months he would report that the crisis had been averted by the crucial intervention of these 4. They had tracked a trail of Heresy from the trade part of Hive Ahn´Khet to a bookstore and from there into the desert to an excavation site. Details were hidden from the eyes of the public, only for the select higher ups but apparently it was approved and the 4 were now part of Davios´s team. The old Deathwatch captain had a… reputation for handling things outside conventional jurisdiction of the Ordos or local PDF´s, he was however notorious for picking his cases with scrutiny that few understood, some of them seemed practically pointless.

In the following year, the 4 were groomed, trained, and molded to be the acting body of Davios Mihawk, and a new case had just been discovered.

A Black Ship… Long thought lost in a warpstorm had returned to it´s rendezvous co-ordinates 8 years behind schedule. A probe showed no life signs aboard but heat signatures from the engine room, most likely indicating that the ship was still in serviceable condition. Davios immediately requested his team inspect the ship first, after all, one of his team had been a student aboard the ship the year before it´s disappearance. But what kind of Heresy kills all aboard the ship but leaves the ship itself perfectly intact? Only the God-Emperor, the Emperor protects, may know it´s secrets…

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