Xerxes Alaric

Suicidal Psychic with Serious Self-Loathing Issues


WS: 35 BS: 30 Str: 38 T: 32 Ag: 35 Int: 35 Per: 28 WP: 38 Fel: 26

Basic skills: Literacy

Advanced skills: Speak language (Low Gothic), Psyniscience, Invocation, Trade (Soothsayer), Pilot (Spacecraft), Chem-Use, Tech Use

Talents & Traits: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (Las), Blessed Ignorance, Hagiography, Liturgical Familiarity, Superior Origins, Sanctioned Psyker (The Horror, the Horror), Psy Rating II, Meditation

Psychic Powers: Unnatural Aim, Precognition, Sense Presence, Resist Possession

Wounds: 13

Fate Points: 3

Insanity points: 4 Corruption points: 2

Experience gained: 1150 Experience spent: 1150 Advancements taken: Meditation (100), Willpower +5 (100), Toughness +5 (250), Intelligence +5 (100), Psy Rating II (200), Elite Advance: Pilot (Spacecraft) (200), Chem-Use (100), Tech Use (100).

Equipment: Valedian Officer’s Sword (Best Quality, Mono), Psykana Mercy Blade, X-15 “Stingbat” Las-pistol (Compact), Mk. IX “Copperhead” Las-pistol (Red-dot laser), Good quality robes (hidden pocket), Book of Imperial saints, Psy-Focus (Finger-bones of St. Vegnos the Undefiled), Windrider carapace chestplate, Good quality carapace vambrace, Good quality carapace greaves, 2 Las-pistol charge packs, Comm-bead, Good quality backpack, Good quality magnoculors, Wrist-chrono, Respirator, Void suit, 3 Injectors full of Stimm, 2 Lamp packs, Good quality Auspex

Spaceship (the Looking Glass)


“Dark Dreams lie upon the Heart.”

When the insurgency on Anubis Prime began, Xerxes was assigned as a special advisor to the Petty Lord Novus Nellus of House Nellus. The Nellus household made less use of Xerxes as an advisor and more as an amusing oddity and conversation piece. When rebellious Men of the House slew the Petty Lord and his family, they dismissed Xerxes as a harmless, mad fool and left him alive in the House Nellus manor.

When soldiers still loyal to the governor of Anubis Prime arrived, they found Xerxes gibbering to himself among the dead and promptly arrested him. He was scheduled for execution on drummed up charges, but was given an ultimatum by the aged Deathwatch Captain Davios Mihawk: to join his impromptu band of acolytes or go back to the firing line. Having foreseen his own death during his training on Holy Terra, Xerxes knew he had no choice but to accept.

Xerxes Alaric

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