Regis Drake


Void-Born Assassin, ranked Nighthawk.

XP to spend 1100 / XP Spent 0

Appearance: 24 years old, spindly limbed, porcelain skilled, blond, green eyes.

Quirks: Elegant hands, tiny ears.

Orbital: You were born upon a vast and ancient satellite, orbiting a star, moon or planet. Likely part of a scientific mission, isolationist retreat or military stationing, you grew up with a world of routine and repetition, with endless orbital cycles, rituals of observance and maintenance rotes. You are likely to be very methodical, with a secret desire for rebellion and indulgence.

Divination: “There is no substitute for zeal.” +2 on toughness and willpower.

Void born (Calixis Battlefleet) characteristics:

Shipwise: Navigation and Pilot are basic skills.

Void Accustomed: You are immune to space travel sickness. I addition, zero- or low-gravity enviroments are not considered difficult terrain.

Naval Lineage skills: Speak Language (Battlefleet War Cant) and Common Lore (Tech) are basic skills.

Close Quarters Fighting: Increase your starting strength by +5. You also begin play with Basic Weapon Training (SP) talent. In addition, when engaged in melee combat with you back to a wall or in a confined space, such as a narrow corridor, you gain a +5 bonus on Weapon Skill Tests. However, you are unaccustomed to “dirtside” and you take a -1 penalty on Initiative rolls when fighting outdoors on a planet’s surface. Also, you take a -10 penalty on Ballistic Skill tests when firing at Long range or greater.

Officer on Deck: You gain a +10 bonus on all Command Tests while aboard a star vessel. You also gain a +5 bonus on all Fellowship Tests made to interact with Void Born.

Astral Knives Assassin package (200XP):

Skills: You begin play with Ciphers (Secret Society – Astral Knives) and Deceive. You may also treat Forbidden Lore and Tech Use as Basic Skills.

Corruption Points: 1.

Assassin Starting Package:

Starting Skills: SL (Low Gothic), Awareness and Dodge.

Starting Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Ambidextrous, Pistol Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Training (SP).

Starting Gear: Autogun and 1 clip, sword, knife, compact las pistol and 1 charge pack, 3 doses of stimm, charm (ork tooth), black bodyglove (common quality clothing).

Weapon Skill: 31, Ballistic Skill: 34, Strength 31+5, Toughness 25+2, Agility 30, Intelligence 28, Perception 33, Willpower 32+2, Fellowship 28.

Wounds: 8

Fate Points: 2

Movement: 3, 6, 9, 18.

Wealth: 1740 Thrones.

Advancements taken: Astral Knives (200), Weapon Skill (100), Ballistic Skill (100), Sure Strike (200), Silent Move (100), Silent Move +10 (100), Dodge +10 (100), Concealment (100), Agility (100).


Regis Drake

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